Welcome to my World

Hello friends and friends to be,

Welcome to my world! I hope that you enjoy reading what I have to say and sharing my experiences with me. The purpose of this blog is to encourage a greater awareness of the way in which we live our lives. It is an attempt to inspire confidence in the ways of life which bring about a better and happier world for everyone. Too often I find people shying away from doing what they want or what they believe is right, because of what other people may think. I would like to encourage people to use their intuition to sense their true nature and in turn be true to that; to let their true nature and curiosity flow out of them and bring them closer to happiness and fulfillment.

This blog is an extension of myself and my philosophy. A place to share ideas, thoughts, love and wishes for the healing and growth of humanity. We are all in this together! It is also simply about expression itself whether it be funny, creative, provocative or even ridiculous. It is an alternative to mainstream ideas and hopefully a sanctuary for those who haven’t yet found someone who thinks like them. Read what I have to say about the world around us and see whether something that I have said resonates with you. Then go out there and do what you must!

I have high hopes that people will begin to raise their standards of what is acceptable in our world. Not in terms of our status or what we buy and consume but in terms of how we treat one another. I have high hopes that we, as the global community, will begin to feel the importance of having a more patient and loving attitude toward one another in everyday life.

Much love to you all and let’s see what happens here. 🙂



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