Why is it that every time the fate of our world is discussed it is done so by predominantly white, suited up, rather unhealthy looking, old men? How is that when global equality and peace are discussed it is done so in such a homogeneous and dull environment? Why do we have to witness seemingly endless and mind numbing debates while often nothing substantial seems to result?

I felt frustrated that although there are many problems in the world, there always seems to be so much red tape surrounding the solution. To my relief, I discovered a unique, benevolent and arguably revolutionary organisation called Avaaz.

Avaaz is an online activism platform whereby important issues such as climate change, education and corruption are brought to public attention. Issues that may not get mainstream media coverage but nonetheless significantly affect you or the world you live in, in some way. Then, by simply clicking ‘Sign Petition’, any computer literate person in the world can actively make a decision to support a cause or not. Avaaz usually generates tens or hundreds of thousands of votes supporting a particular cause. This is then taken to governments or other decision makers as proof of a huge backing of the issue. In my opinion it is one of the only true forms of democracy being practiced today. I believe that the use of technology for this purpose means hope and a chance for true transformation in our world. How often do you read or hear about something and wish you could do something about it? Here is a simple, easy and free way of getting involved. I can’t remember the exact numbers but Avaaz has grown from having about 14 million members to over 32 million members in the space of two to three years. Epic.

This is a chance to bypass corruption, bypass covert deals and discussions affecting our world and a chance to empower yourself by making your voice heard on issues you care about. I donate to Avaaz monthly because I know that these people care, they’re transparent, they don’t accept donations from government or corporations and unlike tax, this money does not fall into the dark void of ‘who knows where’.

Check it out, you might dig it. If not, cool, thanks for reading!


PS. You can also create your own petitions using their online tools, pretty cool.


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