Relaxation – Finding A New Perspective

The dream world

Compared to our waking lives, dreams are often considered the more mysterious state of being. But I think our waking state is the real mystery. I think we have only began to understand what life is and the dream state is a reflection or an interpretation of our waking experiences. So instead of looking for meaning in our dreams in and of themselves, we should be looking for meaning in our lives, using our dream experiences as a mirror. The dreamer in you is the guide to enhancing your understanding of life.

I remember my dreams so often and often have amazing experiences in them. I don’t try to analyze them in detail. I just recall them because the feeling was good or the imagery was stunning. I suppose this is a reflection of something good in your life while a bad dream or nightmare may be an indication of some negative feeling or experience in your waking life. This feeling can help you to determine what is worrying you or even what course of action to take.

At the least, recalling a (good) dream is an awesome feeling and is different from most other modes of being. It’s like standing on a mountain and looking down at tiny cars moving at the most gradual of paces; a way of letting go of worries and fears and entertaining the possibility that your problems are not as big as you think.

Find a new perspective

Another way of viewing life from this light and dreamy angle is observing anything natural for a few moments. This will reveal to you the depth which exists in a tiny space of life. Look at your hand up close. See how much detail there is? How about looking at a tree up close? Have you ever thought about how much life and detail is in such a seemingly insignificant place?


Instead of seeing dreams or any alternative views as an escape from our lives, a fantasy or another world completely, perhaps we would be wise to go deeper into these experiences and discover something; a feeling or a realisation that we may carry into our everyday lives improving them in a sustainable way. Something we may otherwise have been unaware of, living in our linear, routine, rather limited world. Music that you love can also take you on a similar journey of discovery if you’re willing to relax and just go with it. I like listening to artists like Zero 7 or Phalaeh to get into a super chilled state. A state of relaxation in which feeling something non-linear, something ethereal is not strange, it is a symptom of true relaxation.

Often our thinking minds sabotage our inclination toward the unknown, the mysterious, the awe inspiring, in an attempt to protect us. I argue that we should sometimes try to relinquish such thoughts and juuuuussst reeelaaaaxxxx. From this state, maybe we can break free of stress and bad habits and rewire ourselves for the better.

What other forms of alternative perspectives open the way for self discovery? Think about it and leave a comment.


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