Connect with those in need

Living in Johannesburg South Africa presents many daily challenges. I’m fortunate enough to have an education, a job, a car and a place to call home. But many people living here are far less fortunate than I am, and spend their days and nights on the streets. I know very little about what these folks get up to and how they sustain themselves but what I have noticed is that at almost every intersection in Joburg you will inevitably see a few people holding signs describing their situation and what they are in need of. The more creative will entertain by showing off their skills juggling or dancing. I’m not sure if giving money to these guys is the solution, but I’ve recently adopted a plan which I learned from my dad. He freezes water in plastic bottles and if he stops at a red light, hands them out to these dudes on hot summer days. They’re always very appreciative. It made me realize that there are possibly items that I have at home which I’ll never use and which could benefit someone else.

I’ve since put together a packet of items which I know will not serve me but may serve someone else. What I’ve been giving out lately is bars of soap which I’ve somehow accumulated, stationery and fruit. Most of the guys I’ve given to were really grateful and have subsequently asked that I bring them any old clothing, so that’s what my next plan is.

Not everyone lives in a city like this and not everyone travels by car most of the time, but for me, it’s a really simple and effective way of helping people out. I’ll see how the clothing distribution goes.

An inter-traffic juggler entertaining passers by for spare change.
One of the more creative inter-traffic performers

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