Benefits of Yoga



Reduces inflammation
Increases flexibility, strength, coordination and balance 
Relieves stiffness, aches and tensions
Massages internal organs, increases blood flow and lung capacity
Increases natural immunity and self healing
Stimulates natural, deeper breathing leading to better overall health


Mental & Emotional

Relieves mental and emotional blockages and tensions
Brings awareness to distractions in your mind – thoughts, anxieties, insecurities or fears
Helps identify perceived obstacles in your day to day life – work stress, bad habits you have developed or your sleeping patterns
Allows for acceptance of issues outside of your control – other peoples behavior, social media, traffic, the news, etc.
Leads to a clearer mind, more efficient decision making and assertiveness
Gives you increased strength to face and accept or solve certain problems – let go and move on
Provides an environment for the healing of emotional pain

lotus-position (2)


Shows you the importance of being an empty cup – let go of unconscious assumptions and be ready to learn about yourself
Clears energy pathways – according to yoga philosophy, there are 72000 energy channels – or nadis – in the body; yoga aims to clear and energise these pathways
Moves you into mindfulness  which gives way for the illumination of your consciousness – direct attention to the formless fabric of reality
Become aware of the different modes of being – stability, activity and harmony and move closer to the core of who you are – an individual consciousness part of a universal consciousness
Stop asking for permission to be yourself – become the purest and most powerful form of yourself

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