Harmonise yoga currently offers online, private and corporate yoga classes instructed by Tim Nel.
Classes are focused on awareness of breath, mental focus, postural alignment and balance, mobility, flexibility and strength. This leads to a foundation of feeling grounded, whole and intensely alive.
Ultimately the mission of Harmonise Yoga is to create an energy field in which practitioners can connect to their deep selves, to motivate and inspire one another and to find true self expression and healing.

“In my classes we cultivate a sense of relaxed focus, using the challenge of asana and pranayama practice to build strength and resilience in everyday life. I believe that becoming one with your deeper self and in harmony with life is the true purpose of yoga. I hope to energise and be part of your shift in awareness, health, happiness and productivity.” Tim

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“Tim is a wonderful yoga teacher – teaching both my kids and I. I am impressed by his deep knowledge of yoga, breathing and mindfulness. He is able to relate to all of us on different levels and understands what we need in order to grow and develop our yoga ability and strength. My kids adore him, his songs and ability to keep them entertained while accessing their inner being”


“Thank you so much Tim for such an amazing yoga experience. I came to you stressed and devastated after more two failed IVF treatments and I seriously needed a reboot, for the next planned IVF cycle. Lucky I found your yoga studio. Every session was filled with tranquility and gentle flows tailed around my fertility issues. Today I am so excited to say I’m PREGNANT and it happened naturally after several weeks of practice with you. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the two lines on the pregnancy test, especially, after so much disappoint. So I just want thank you and I highly recommend your yoga studio to everyone !!!!”


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