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Harmonise offers Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, breathing and meditation taught by Tim Nel, who trained originally in karate as a child. After completing his B. Bus Sci Marketing Honours from UCT, Tim spent 2 years in South Korea, where he furthered his martial arts training, practicing Hapkido* for one year and Aikido** for one year. His love of martial arts soon transformed into a love of yoga.
After 3.5 years in the exhibitions industry, Tim left for India, where he trained in Rishikesh to become a certified yoga instructor. Tim has also completed two nutrition courses online through the Universities of Copenhagen and California respectively – the knowledge gained from these courses forms part of the holistic approach to yoga and healing which Harmonise offers.
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“I am fascinated with psychology and spirituality and am constantly refining my perception of reality – which is a somewhat Buddhist approach. I share insights and observations from teachings that I have studied in my classes and aim to cultivate a sense of presence which students can take away with them. I believe that becoming centered, peaceful and in harmony with life is the true purpose of yoga.  I hope to energize and be part of that shift in awareness.”

My Yoga Journey

*Hapkido is a Korean martial art – focused on grabs/locks/kicks and falling techniques
** Aikido is a Japanese martial art – focused on becoming one with your opponent and redirecting their energy away from yourself in an attempt to avoid harm to both parties

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